UK Community Tree Planting

About the programme

International Tree Foundation’s UK Community Tree Planting Programme supports grassroots community engagement in tree planting. The programme has supported 50 small-scale projects over the last 20 years, from community orchards to native woodland planting. ITF is now seeking to continue and expand this work with a new round of UK tree-planting projects in 2020, focused on community-led initiatives in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. We award grants of up to £1000 to local community projects.

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Why plant in the UK?

ITF’s UK Community Tree Planting Programme (UKCTPP) represents an excellent way of contributing to the much-needed reforestation of the UK. At just 13%, the UK currently has one of the lowest levels of tree cover in Europe (compared to an average of 35% in the EU). This programme aims to unlock many of the potential benefits brought about by tree planting. ITF strongly believes in local communities knowing what project is appropriate for their local area and their landscape. By encouraging communities to design their own projects, we hope to encourage individuals and communities to connect with their local environment, while empowering them to research, experiment and engage with their local landscape and flora.

“Unlike many of the larger tree planting and reforestation initiatives in the UK, ITF’s UKCTP is unusual in supporting numerous small-scale projects”

We are looking for small-scale community-led projects that follow one of more of the following themes:

  • Community Spaces
  • Orchards
  • Urban Trees
  • Soil and water Conservation
  • Rewilding and Natural Regeneration
  • Flood prevention / Watersheds
  • Agroforestry
  • Ancient Trees
  • Tree Pest and Disease Research

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Why community led?

Unlike many of the larger tree planting and reforestation initiatives in the UK, ITF’s UKCTP programme is unusual in supporting numerous small-scale projects. We find that multiple benefits are produced from community-owned projects, including not least the increased tree cover, but also increased positive well-being, good education opportunities for local schools and youth groups. This creates a greater sense of connection with nature for those involved. We find that the feeling of local ownership, is essential for the sustainability of the a project. For this reason, all our projects take place on land in which the general public can visit.

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