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ITF has been pioneering community led forestry restoration since 1924. Our project partners in Africa and the UK regenerate and restore forests and woodlands, conserve habitats rich in biodiversity, sequester carbon, and help communities who rely upon forests develop prosperous sustainable livelihoods.

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What’s your favourite tree?

What’s your favourite tree? Earlier this month we invited people to answer this question. We wanted to learn more about why trees are so important to people - tree planters, climbers and huggers alike. Over 230 people from 36 countries offered reasons for a total of 107 different tree species. Here are some of the…

Paul Laird – A reflection on being ITF’s Programmes Manager

Paul Laird has been ITF's Programmes Manager for the last 5 years. As he comes to retire, he shares some reflections on his time working with ITF. Watch this video to hear about why ITF's values have meant a lot to Paul, and be encouraged by his parting words of hope for the future. We'll…

Locusts swarms: a major threat to food security and forests in Kenya

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya's economy contributing to about 25% of its GDP. It also generates 60% of the country's foreign exchange and provides employment to about 70% of the total population.   Billions of desert locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) are invading and threatening people, livestock food and forests. The menace of locusts has spread in 18 counties so far.…
Flooding in Nairobi, Kenya

Tree planting and reducing floods in Kenya

Since the onset of the March-May 2020 long rains and flash floods have been reported in many parts of Kenya. The impacts of climate change, deforestation and land degradation could intensify droughts and floods. As a result, far-reaching consequences are brought on communities, ecosystems, food security and infrastructure.   Deadly floods hit Kenya   More…

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