Wera Youth Foundation (WEYFA)

The Wera Youth Foundation (WEYFA) was set up by a  group of  young people determined to turn the tide in the fight against poverty and environmental degradation in Teso, Eastern Uganda.  Formed in 2013,  WEYFA was a reaction to  two decades of civil war with the aim of engaging and empowering young people in fighting poverty while promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.

WEYFA is a community based organisation with a mandate in the fields of the environment, youths, education, agriculture and advocacy.

WEYFA’s vision is “an empowered and productive youth population  that is alive and responsive to the development challenges of its generation without being detrimental to the environment”.

Guiding the work of  WEYFA are their objectives to:

  • Promote environmental protection and sustainable land management
  • Promote modern agricultural practices amongst the rural poor communities
  • Promote youth development and wellbeing through educational programs, employment and training opportunities
  • Empower communities through training and advisory services tailored to improve household livelihoods and security.
  • Introduction of modern technologies such as solar, biogas and rainwater harvesting geared towards rural development and transformation.
  • Promote good governance, advocacy and networking for the sustainable development of  communities and to develop partnerships with like minded organisations.

The organisation’s ITf project is Trees for Community Livelihoods Project in Wera Sub county which is planting 20,500 tree seedlings and supporting vulnerable households.

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