Village Enterprises Foundation Organisation (VEFO)

The Village Enterprises Foundation Organisation (VEFO) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2009 in Eastern Uganda by rural women and men. VEFO aims to promote and improve community welfare and livelihoods through training initiatives. The principal challenges faced by  local communities are food production, shortage of fuel resources (wood) and low levels of education.

The main focus of the organisation is on issues that affect women, youth and children which can be solved through joint efforts, using little or limited resources and achieving maximum impact either directly or indirectly. Over the last six years, VEFO has assisted and trained the women, youth and men of vulnerable communities for improved quality of life, livelihoods and sustainable development. Previous projects have included micro-irrigation for vegetable growing, micro-village savings schemes for rural women and training in biodiversity, environmental protection and climate change.

Pro-active community participation is very much emphasized in all projects and gender equity is given high importance. VEFO works towards community empowerment through :

  • Environmental awareness
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Climate change initiatives
  • Soil fertility and conservation
  • Agro-forestry practices
  • Fruit tree/fruit planting and management
  • Value addition and marketing
  • Income generating activities
  • Promotion and protection of human rights
  • Advocacy and lobbying for human rights
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Health training and education
  • Networking with other development partners
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