Will you Pledge for the Trees?

Can you Pledge to:

What is the Tree Pledge?

Nearly 100 years ago in deforested Kenya, ITF founder, Richard St. Barbe Baker and Chief Josiah Njonjo called out to local people to form the first group of forest guardians, a group which he called ‘Watu wa Miti’, Men of The Trees.

Gathered around the tallest tree (a Mugumo fig tree) left in the area St. Barbe explained why protecting trees was important. Local people had been clearing local land and sowing their crops on it for a few years at a time; when the land was worn out they simply moved on to another area and worked that until the land could no longer support crops. After several generations of this farming style, and hundreds of villages taking part, vast areas of land was cleared of nutrients and trees. Not being a sustainable way to farm, St. Barbe wanted to work with local people to prevent deforestation of the land.





St. Barbe conceived the idea of creating a group for the local people to be members of for the purpose of planting and protecting trees back in the area, Watu wa Miti, Men of the Trees. From 3000 volunteers, 50 were chosen and the group was formed. They were given a secret word in Gikuyu language to use so they would know who was a true member, this word was:

‘Twihamwe’, together as one (though it was spelled wrong for nearly 100 years!)

These 50 ‘Men of The Trees’ are International Tree Foundation’s ancestors and almost 100 years later we are still working towards the same goals having only changed our company name from Men of the Trees a few years ago. We still honour the three promises and now it is your chance to join us and pledge to:

Right now deforestation is hugely contributing to the climate crisis. Planting trees is the simplest and best way to halt the damage. So the time has come to open the ‘ranks’ back up and we need your help.

Now is your chance to become one of the guardians of the forest and take the very same pledge that the original 50 warriors took in 1922.

Plant Ten Trees Every Year?

There are a few ways you can fulfil this part of the pledge:

  • You could grab a shovel and a seedling, get your hands dirty and plant ten trees in your local community or garden.
  • You could scatter your Seed Bombs which you will receive if you are donating per month.
  • You can take part in or arrange local community tree planting near you.

But don’t worry too much about it, because just by Pledging even £5 per month, you are covering the costs for ITF to plant 10 trees in the year.

Do One Good Deed Every Day?

St. Barbe knew that good deeds are different for everyone and all around us ready to be done. He said to the original 50 Tree Pledgers that they “must search their own hearts and find things to do” and we give the same advice to you.

Good deeds do not need to be tree focused and could be anything from helping a friend in needs, wishing someone a good day or to inviting someone to share your umbrella.

Join our Facebook group to talk about your good deeds and get inspiration from other Tree Pledgers. 

Take Care of Trees Everywhere?

Our Tree Pledge initiative is still brand new!

We have a booklet coming soon to Tree Pledgers inboxes, with lots of tips and tricks of tree care such as pruning, trimming, and felling/thinning.

We are working with established foresters to work on a guide for Growing Beautiful, Safe, and Healthy Trees.

Look out for tips in our newsletter on how to care for trees.

What you get with your donation, a FREE TREE KIT

If you pledge for £5, £10 or £15 per month you will receive the following FREE TREE KIT (ensure you give us your address in the sign up form).

If you take the pledge without donating (below), you will receive your official certificate in your welcome email.


  • 10 Seed Bombs to ‘Throw and Grow’ between November and March (only avalible to UK Pledgers due to agricultural regulations.)

  • ‘I took the ITF Tree Pledge’ pin page

  • Tree care PDF guides (coming soon)

  • Certificate of recognition

  • Access to the ‘Pledgers’ Facebook group

  • Updates on the Communities progress and events via newsletter

Forest Guides (people who want to lead on Tree Pledge planting projects) get a Kenyan made bracelet, please email us for more information. Those who Pledge for free receive only a PDF Certificate.

Meet the first Young Tree Pledgers!

With huge gratitude we thank Ava and Jake, for being the first children (or Twigs as St. Barbe called them!) to ever take the pledge of the Watu wa Miti, pictured here with Nicola CMO for ITF. This photo shows a promise of 30 trees planted per year, for life.

They are also going to be the first Forest Guides since 1922 and help children in their school take the Tree Pledge.

Won’t you join us?


Forest Guides and first men to make the Pledge

Richard St. Barbe Baker ITF Founder

Richard St. Barbe Baker

Men of the Trees 1922 Tree Pledge

Dance of the Trees, 1922 in Kenya

Want to make the Pledge for free?

We understand that support doesn’t always come in the form of a cash donation and have created a free version of the Pledge for those who want to make the promise and still get a certificate. We hope that you will share your commitment with others and inspire them to make the Pledge too.

Twihamwe, thank you.

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