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TP1 Resource PackTree Power is an education programme for schools. Tree Power supports teachers and schools to inspire new generations about the local and global importance of trees and forests through an innovative combination of global learning and outdoor learning.

The first Tree Power Teachers’ Resource Pack provides Key Stage 2 teachers with 8 interlinked sessions to deliver with their class. It is a cross-curricular resource and will help primary teachers to deliver a range of curriculum elements in a creative and engaging way.

Download the Tree Power Teachers’ Resource Pack Here!

Tree Power’s objectives are to:

  1. Enable children to explore the role of trees and forests in environmental, economic, social and cultural terms.
  2. Enable children to explore the causes of deforestation, and its impact on the environment, farming, climate change, and livelihoods.
  3. Engage children as local guardians of trees (through tree planting and care projects)
  4. Engage children as global guardians of trees (through taking action against deforestation and irresponsible consumption of tree products).

Tree Power is about:TP Bovington cut

  • Both the local and global importance of trees and forests
  • Creating powerful learning experiences for children through practical immersion in woodlands and forests and sharing of learning between schools in Africa and the UK
  • Real life stories about the role of trees and forests in livelihoods and cultures
  • The use of trees and forest resources and the UK’s impact on global deforestation

What schools say

Feedback from schools has been very positive, and teachers have helped to shape this new Teachers’ Resource Pack. A Class Teacher at Herringthorpe Juniors, Rotherham, said “I absolutely loved it … I will definitely use it again … It links to so many different areas.”

Tree Power pedagogy

Tree Power provides a holistic approach to teaching and learning about trees and forests, bringing the local and global together and incorporating elements from both environmental and global education. Tree Power encourages children to become both (informed) Tree Explorers and (active) Tree Guardians.

The importance of outdoor education for children’s development is increasingly recognised. Young people spend less and less time playing and learning outside.

TP1 Tree GuardiansTP1 tree explorersTree Power also helps schools develop learners’ values in relation to social and environmental justice and to global citizenship. Concepts of interdependence and sustainable development are common to both global learning and outdoor education.

In the long term, Tree Power seeks to change consumer behaviour in order to slow and ultimately end deforestation; to restore the natural environment and biodiversity; secure the lives of people who depend directly or indirectly on forests and trees; and combat climate change.

ITF has partnered with a number of Development Education and Global Learning centres to develop and pilot the Tree Power course with teachers and schools.

Primary school teachers can receive training and support with ITF to deliver the Tree Power course – although the Resource Pack can be used by teachers without our support.

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