Trees for Senegal

TFTF – Trees for Senegal

Project Location: Kaffrine Region, Senegal
Project PartnerTrees for the Future

A community-based agroforestry programme sited in the Kaffrine Region of Senegal where the agrarian population is afflicted by rampant poverty, malnutrition and a deteriorating environment. ITF’s in-country partner, Trees for the Future, works with local farmers to improve their standard of living and conserve the environment through the planting of beneficial tree species and the development of sustainable agroforestry systems.

Initial efforts on this programme were directed towards running workshops and training sessions, as well as planting out trees that had been grown by Trees for the Future in the 2011 nursery season.  After the initial workshops, project leaders conducted follow-up visits with the participating farmers for monitoring and evaluation, technical support, and sharing of the lessons learned. Additional workshops taught the importance of environmental restoration as a means towards increasing food security.

"Over 84,000 trees were out-planted by 83 farmers in the region"

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