Since its founding in 2003, Temwa has held fast to one key mission- to help build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community based projects in health education, skills development, agriculture, forestry and schools support.

Currently, Temwa serves the communities of Nkhata Bay North in northern Malawi. This is an incredibly remote area which is home to over 30,000 people. Temwa’s projects benefit every member of the communities we serve, but we focus specifically on ensuring that projects reach orphans and vulnerable families – those affected by HIV & AIDS, female or child-headed households, or families hosting orphans.

Temwa is uniquely equipped to manage development projects in the area due to the expertise of our large, almost entirely local staff; our knowledge of the area and the specific material and cultural issues there. Temwa’s projects have grown organically from the needs of the region, as identified and agreed upon by the community, meaning that the organisation has the trust and support of those we serve.

We believe that positive change is a long-term and multi-dimensional process. Our projects offer long-term solutions. They require commitment and vision as well as investments in future community and environmental well-being. However, we know that for this transformation to happen a holistic approach is needed, one with projects that support across a longer time period than those often allowed in the 3-5 year project cycle commonly adopted in development practice

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