Save Uganda’s Kafuga Forest!

Save Uganda’s Kafuga Forest

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Project Location: Uganda, Bwindi

PROBICOUOur partners PROBICOU (Pro Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda) have started the long and challenging journey of working with local communities, leaders, authorities and government.  But the good work has only just started, and so we need to make sure it can be completed.

Where is Kafuga Forest?

Kafuga Forest is on the fringes of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site in South West Uganda.  Home to many species of plants, insects, and animals – just one of them being 400 of the world’s remaining 880 mountain gorillas.

These critically endangered species are under threat if deforestation of Kafuga Forest is not stopped.

How will the money raised be spent?

Before restoration work can begin inside Kafuga Forest, PROBICOU will set up community mobilisation meetings which in a rural setup, takes time.  They’ll need to get the support of the local council (who own the forest) and state agencies like the Ugandan Wildlife Authority and the Ugandan Forest Authority, to agree on a conservation plan for the forest.

PROBICOU’s work doesn’t stop there, they need to lobby the central government for support, develop a community forest management plan and get that signed and approved by local authorities – because, without their approval, nothing moves forwards.

After that the forest boundaries need to be mapped out in detail (with help from Rainforest Rescue). Then there’s the matter of a community forest management and training plan to ensure the community’s engagement, responsibility, and accountability.

PROBICOU together with the support of communities, authorities, government and local farmers, will decide what is best for the forest and the livelihood of those that depend on it.  Things like eco-tourism, trees for medicine, produce like passion fruit and trees that attract honey bees, and how they can be used for enterprise.

It’s an ambitious plan, but a very worthy challenge. 

At the heart of it, it’s really about empowering people to improve their livelihoods, learn new skills, protection of endangered species, raising awareness around a world heritage site, biodiversity, and eco-tourism. For you as an individual – it is about being part of something that leaves a positive mark for generations to come.

Thank you, any donation makes the world of difference.

The forest is a vital buffer zone for the National Park’s critically-endangered mountain gorillas – supporting 400 gorillas out of a total world population of 880 – and hundreds of other species of rare mammals and birds. It is also an important source of food, medicine and clean water for local villagers.

BWINDI FOREST: World Heritage Site
BWINDI FOREST: World Heritage Site
ENDANGERED: Mountan Gorilla
ENDANGERED: Mountan Gorilla
UNDER THREAT: Kafuga Pocket Forest
UNDER THREAT: Kafuga Pocket Forest

“We are prepared for people to start cutting down the forest at any time. Some of the tea nursery owners have already started buying axes and pangas”

- PROBICOU programme director Robert Tumwesigye Baganda -

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