Save Mt Kenya Forest from Extinction Group

SMKF group has been working with local communities living near Mount Kenya forest since it was formed and registered in Kenya as a community based organization in the year 2007. The organisation has been involved with reforestation of Mount Kenya forest through tree planting activities, environmental conservation awareness and agroforestry technologies training with the aim of training farmers and community members on the importance of planting trees on their farms for fuel wood, fodder, timber, soil improvement, windbreaks and soil erosion control.

One of the main reason why deforestations occurs in most African countries is a result of communities who are living near the forest using these forests to create lands for cultivation, collect fuel wood, and harvest timber and building materials. Research has shown that very few of these communities’ plant trees on their farms. We as SMKF group are combining the two main activities so that these community members learn more about the importance of conserving our forest as well as reporting illegal activities taking place inside the forest.

International Tree Foundation has been very supportive to our work and has facilitated the planting of 50,000 trees both inside Mount Kenya forest and on community farms, as well as training more farmers and various group members on environmental conservation awareness and agroforestry.

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