Sauvons le Reste (SAU.LE.R)

The association Sauvons le Reste (Let’s Save the Rest) is a voluntary organisation with a regional scope and a humanitarian vocation. It was created in 2012 by a group of about 20 people, all of whom had family members suffering from mental illnesses. Based in the Yatenga province of northern Burkina Faso, SAU.LE.R has a dual mission: first, it aims to offer integrated care to individuals suffering from mental health issues and support for their families; second, it strives for environmental protection by promoting development activities which limit the degradation of nature.

The association has already taken in 87 homeless people suffering from mental health issues, and created a directory of people with mental illnesses in the area. They have undertaken a study of the living conditions of mentally ill homeless individuals in Burkina Faso’s North region and organised over 50 awareness raising activities on the rights of mentally ill people. These included educational conversations, radio broadcasts and film projects.

SAU.LE.R also recognises the value of improved environmental management in improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged families. In order to fulfil the second part of its mission, SAU.LE.R has organised 10 awareness raising and information campaigns on the issue of environmental degradation in three village sin the North region. In addition to this 80 women have been trained in the fashioning and use of improved stoves.

ITF and SAU.LE.R are working together in Namissiguima department to provide support to families dealing with mental illness and to alleviate poverty using agroforestry.

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