Kakamega County is home to the Kakamega forest – Kenya’s only remaining rainforest. A beautiful ancient forest, it shapes the local climate, is rich in wildlife, and plays a crucial role in the region’s economy.

Today, this forest is under threat.

Meet Rose Wamalawa

Rose grew up in a poor rural community, collecting firewood and water to feed her family. She witnessed the gradual degradation of Kakamega Forest. She also learnt that supporting women tree planters can transform a community and mitigate against the effects of climate change.
In 2009, Rose founded Women in Water and Natural Resource Conservation (WWANC). This organisation operates tree nurseries, employing and training local people in tree planting and selling seedlings – helping communities to restore forests.
Since partnering with ITF last year, WWANC has planted 40,000 trees, transforming the lives of families and starting to restore the Kakamega Forest. With your support, and Big Give matching, Rose will achieve even more next year.

“If we can continue working together for the coming three years, you can imagine the kind of transformation in the ground – the number of trees we’ll be able to plant. And mostly indigenous trees.”

If we can raise £20,000, WWANC will create three new fruit tree nurseries, and plant 15,000 fruit trees to strengthen livelihoods and reduce pressure on the forest. What’s more, they will introduce local farmers to agroforestry practices, helping them become more productive and strengthen their resistance to flooding and droughts. Watch the video below to hear Rose explain more.
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