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About Ny Tanintsika

Founded in 2002, with support from the British charity ‘Feedback Madagascar’, Ny Tanintsika (meaning ‘Our Land’) is a Malagasy NGO that contributes to poverty reduction and improving natural resource management. This is achieved through capacity-building, action for social, economic, and environmental development, and the promotion of good governance. Ny Tanintsika’s vision is for “a healthy population which takes its own development in hand, living in harmony with nature in a fair society.”

Aims and objectives

Ny Tanintsika’s principal objectives are to improve food security, reduce local peoples’ vulnerability to climate change and to promote sustainable environmental management in Madagascar. Priority areas targeted are the rainforest corridor ‘COFAV’ (Ambositra – Vondrozo) and the endemic Tapia Forest of Amoron’i Mania, which is home to the Malagasy silkworm. Ny Tanintsika is working with an integrated approach to rural development and conservation issues, helping to improve livelihood practices and increase agricultural production by restoring degraded landscapes through agroforestry and enhancing the natural forest.

Achievements over the last few years

Recent achievements include supporting 43 community associations for forest restoration of their Tapia forests and rainforest, the establishment of 22 ‘farmer field school’ agroforestry fields and supporting over 1,000 vulnerable households for sustainable livelihoods and over 400 households for improved yam cultivation and sustainable management of endemic forest yams.

Volunteers carrying seedlings to a planting site (Ny Tanintskia)
Ny Tanintsika
Ny Tanintsika
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