Mount Kenya Trust

Mount Kenya Trust

Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) was established in 2000 due to growing concern for the forest and wildlife around Africa’s second highest mountain – Mt Kenya. A report released in 1999 revealed extensive poaching, large scale logging of indigenous tree species, overgrazing, encroachment and marijuana fields that were destroying the national forest.

It is the largest single contiguous forest remaining in Kenya and a biodiversity hotspot hosting 2500 African elephants, the critically endangered mountain bongo and a wide array of endemic bird life.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Commission describes the mountain as:

“one of the most impressive landscapes of Eastern Africa, with its rugged glacier clad summits, Afro-Alpine Moorlands and diverse forests, which illustrate outstanding ecological processes.”

MKT Vision: The integrity of the Mt Kenya ecosystem for the welfare of all who depend on it.

MKT Mission: To drive collaborative action for the sustainable management of Mt Kenya’s biodiversity and natural resources through partnership with government, communities and civil society

Over the last decade, MKT has developed into a well establish NGO, complimenting the activities of KWS and KFS with their own patrol teams, and providing services to the communities surrounding the forest. Projects include:

  • 4 ranger teams (Joint Wildlife Protection Team, Horse Patrol Team, Marania Wildlife Team, Imenti Patrol Team)
  • 4 fencing teams
  • East Africa’s first elephant underpass in the 14km Mt Kenya Elephant Corridor
  • Community Health Project
  • Tree planting and community tree nurseries
  • School environmental education
Kianjogu Group Nursery
Mount Kenya Trust
Mount Kenya Trust
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