Mount Kenya Forest Tree Planting

Project Location: Mount Kenya, Kenya

Project Partner: Save Mt Kenya Forest from Extinction Group

Mount Kenya Forest Tree Planting


Mount Kenya Forest has experienced a high rate of deforestation; this has meant increased pressure on forest land and decreased food production which in turn has led to local people struggling to make an income.  Working closely with local communities ‘Save Mount Kenya Forest From Extinction Group’ sourced tree seeds, established tree nurseries and trained locals in various forestry and conservation techniques to encourage reforestation of the Mount Kenya forest.

Project Outcomes

The project’s core activities included tree planting on public lands, in water catchment areas, dispensaries and community farms. Since the project started May 2011, 50,000 seedlings were raised planted on various sites by the end of the project. Another key aspect of the project involved training local community members in agroforestry systems and environmental conservation techniques.  The majority of the beneficiaries who undertook this training have started applying various techniques on their farms.

Several definite outcomes from this project are expected including an increase in Kenya forest cover from 2% to 5% towards the end of 5 years, availability of fuel wood for household uses, increase in crop yields and soil improvement.

Community members have been very receptive to the project and in general have participated fully by planting trees.  The types of trees grown were chosen to meet specific needs.  For example, fodder trees were planted which will provide leaves for their livestock in a few years time. Nitrogen fixing trees were also planted to improve their soil fertility.

"Over 5,000 community members living within the forest water catchment area have indirectly benefited from the water catchment services provided by the new tree cover"

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