Trees have stood alongside us for millennia. They are vital to our very existence – and right now, the world urgently needs more.

Plant trees with us and help fight climate change, protect biodiversity and restore livelihoods, today.

Make History. Plant Trees.

We’re a membership organisation – a global movement of people, planting and restoring vital forests and woodlands. Join us, to help undo the damage and change the direction in which the planet is headed. Together, we can plant the trees the world needs.

As a member, you’ll play a vital role in current and new community led tree planting projects in Africa and the UK. You’ll also receive a copy of Trees Journal and a sustainably sourced Make History Plant Trees tote bag. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with our partners planting trees across Africa.

In the decade of restoration, join the global community of people planting trees. Make History. Plant Trees.

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