Kangema Youth Group

Founded in 2006, for nearly a decade the Kangema Youth Group have been advocating independent self-sustaining lifestyles for young people of Kenyas Kangema District.

Established in the wake of large civil unrest for youths engaging in illegal activites such as armed crime, drug abuse and prostitution. This also came along alongside environmental degradation, deforestation and food insecurity increasing the disenfranchisement of the communities in the district.

They identified three areas to target-

Community Empowerment & Education – KYG trains an facilitates youths to initiate income generating venture in the areas of eco-tourism, agribusiness, energy efficiency and promotes reproductive health awareness and services.

Advocacy – empowering vulnerable communities to take action against climate change, impact which is being witnessed around the globe.  Works with local communities in food security, water harvesting activities, planting of appropriate trees in appropriate places and advocating the shift from carbon intensive sources of energy to renewable and cleaner efficiency sources.

Environmental Protection & Tree planting – Developing nurseries, supporting young people within communities to conserve biodiversity, restore ecosystems and reduce the impact of climate change.

“KYG is committed to the protection of our environment for the benefit of the current and the future generations.”

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