What is your favourite tree? And why?

Did you climb in it as a child? Is it the fruit or blossom? Are you a secret tree hugger?

Most of us have a favourite tree. We’d love to know why. To help understand, from a personal perspective, why they’re so important. So we’re asking our community a question: what is your favourite tree species?

We’re looking to learn about the memories and feelings people share about trees, and how these vary across ages and places. We will never share this personal data with anyone under any circumstances.

Then on 22 May, the International Day for Biodiversity, when the ecological and economic value of trees and forests are being discussed, we’ll publish the anonymous results to make sure the personal importance of trees is recalled too.

Thank you for taking part. We’ll let you know once we have the results, which will hopefully be fascinating.

1 About your tree
2 About you

By submitting this form, I consent to my data being included anonymously in ITF’s survey results.

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