EvaBuild are an award-winning construction company covering England & Wales and providing quality civil engineering, construction and groundworks.
The company was founded in 2011, quickly growing in size with excellent satisfaction ratings and an unwavering determination to raise industry standards.

EvaBuild thinking about sustainability in everything that they do, from design, to construction to management. They recognise that sustainably-built projects are often easier and cheaper to run, and provide a more appealing experience for their everyday occupiers.

EvaBuild and ITF

Construction and trees are often represented in popular culture as incompatible enemies. At EvaBuild they recognise that nature is really important to everyone’s wellbeing. This recognition inspired Plant A Tree Campaign. At the end of each completed project EvaBuild promises to plant an appropriate native tree in the most suitable spot on site. This is both good for the environment and good for the building’s occupants, and also acts as a fitting and ever-changing reminder of the project’s completion.
Occasionally there are situations where it’s not appropriate to plant a tree on site. In this event EvaBuild provide a donation to the International Tree Foundation so we will plant a much-needed tree on their behalf as part of valuable reforestation work in the UK or Africa.

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