The Environment and Rural Development Foundation

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is a Cameroonian non profit organisation founded in 1999. It is dedicated to wildlife conservation and protection of fragile environments through research, training, education and community engagement. Its goal is to support the sustainable management of biodiversity through community-based management. ERuDeF geographical focus is Cameroon.

ERuDeF key programmes include

  • Great Apes Conservation ( Cross River Gorilla Conservation Project and the Nigeria- Cameroon Chimpanzee Conservation Project)
  • Lebialem Highlands Montane Forest Conservation
  • Livelihoods and Economic Development
  • Environmental Education
  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Marine and Fresh Water Conservation.

The main achievements include:

  • discovery of the Tofala sub-population of the Cross River gorilla in 2004
  • designation of the Lebialem Highlands Conservation Complex in 2010
  • launching of the creation of six protected areas in the Lebialem Highlands Conservation Complex
  • planting of over four million trees since 2005 through the Community-based Agro-forestry Programme
  • launching of the Environmental Education and Development Fund in 2011
  • launching of the Forest Protection Fund in 2010
  • the Access & Benefit Sharing Project on Mt Bamboutos with Echinops giganteus
  • conservation of the endangered trees of Mt Cameroon Project
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