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EDENA is an NGO that was created in 2012 by female environmentalists and socio-economists who wanted to contribute to the development of Madagascar and the protection of its environment. Their work is based around the National Park of Isalo in the Ihorombe region and the Anjozorobe forest corridor, which constitutes the last vestige of the central primary forest in Madagascar. These forests provide habitats for an amazing array of biodiversity, such as Rainbow Frogs and the Indri Lemur. However, these habitats are threatened by mass-scale deforestation and the expansion of mining activities.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of EDENA is to involve women and youth in the protection of the environment and the development of Madagascar. To achieve this aim they create and implement projects relating to these areas, for example promoting beekeeping to improve local livelihoods. Other reforestation projects work to simultaneously preserve the primary forest and promote environmental ownership and stewardship amongst local communities.

Achievements over the last few years

EDENA’s recent achievements include installing tree nurseries at two primary schools in the Ranohira region in order to involve children with reforestation activities. They have also improved the livelihoods of 42 women and girls with their beekeeping project surrounding the National Park of Isalo. By also involving men in this activity, through reforestation with honey plants and forest trees, they have increased the incomes of entire families and, consequently, improved the livelihoods of 168 community members. EDENA have replicated this beekeeping project in the Andreba Forest and are working with 20 vulnerable women and girls.

Mr Jean Baptiste with honey plants
Director of school and Mr Monja
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