Centre for Sustainable Rural Agriculture & Development

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The Centre for Sustainable Rural Agriculture & Development (CSRAD) is a Ghanaian non-profit and non-governmental organization. CSRAD is based in the Western Region of Ghana, operating principally in the region but also implements projects in other regions across Ghana.

Aims and objectives

Using sustainable actions which will enhance rural natural resources management and environmental sustainability and human capital enhancement to improve upon the livelihoods and wellbeing of rural communities within socio-ecological and socio-economic framework.

Achievements over the last few years

CSRAD has implemented project on conservation of Montonnso Sacred Forest of Saamang stool land for generational benefits, funded by the New England Biolabs Foundation, USA. CSRAD established 2 community tree nurseries, stocked with over 10,000 tree seedlings and 6,500 tree species planted in cocoa agroforestry, private plantations and the sacred forest, trained 50 farmers in agro-forestry and private tree plantations.

CSRAD has also implemented sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods projects e.g. Banana corm solarization and split-bud project funded by the Conservation, Health and Food Foundation, USA. More 450 households and over 3,000 smallholder farmers have been trained and are able to use the techniques in producing and rapidly multiplying their own nematode-free suckers for planting. More than 60% of these beneficiaries were women.

CSRAD were awarded a Sustainable Community Forestry grant from ITF in January 2017.

Forestry Officer and CSRAD undertaking biological survey in Montonnso Sacred Forest
CSRAD Montonnso Sacred Forest
CSRAD Community Volunteer Team establishing nursery at Saamang
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