Conserving High Biodiversity Forests

Project Location: Udzungwa Mountainns, Tanzania

Project Partner: Tanzania Forest Conservation Group

Conserving High Biodiversity Forests, Tanzania

Hunting, logging, fuelwood collection and fire threaten the Udzungwa Mountain forests. There is an urgent need for communities to participate in reserve management and to have alternative supplies of timber and fuelwood.

The project aims to facilitate cooperation between the communities surrounding the Uzungwa Scarp Nature Reserve and the Nature Reserve Management.

This will be achieved primarily through a tree-planting initiative that gives local communities a sustainable, managed source of wood fuel and other forest products, thus easing pressure on the surrounding forest.

As well as supplying seedlings to local villagers, the project provides training and education so that it will have a lasting legacy beyond its initial funded phase.

"The tree species that have been sowed so far include 9879 Teak and 11,515 Khaya Anthotheca"

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