Community Tree Planting Initiative

Project Location: Northern Lira, Uganda

Project Partner: Friends of Environment for Development

Community Tree Planting Initiative

The project is managed by our in-country partner Friends of Environment for Development and has been implemented in Lango Subregion of Northern Uganda. This area has suffered widespread deforestation as a result of indiscriminate tree cutting for charcoal & firewood. This initiative aims to create jobs for the local population, increase household income of the beneficiaries and create environmental and tree planting awareness among the local communities and crucially restore tree cover.

The initial phase of this project has been implemented mainly in the three Parishes of Agali Subcounty of Lira District which includes Adyaka Parish, Alyet Parish and Okile Parish each with a total of 9 Villages thus bringing the total to 27 villages so far covered.

The project has established nurseries in which a range of tree species are grown which can be used by beneficiaries as a source of income (for example by selling fruits or other sustainable tree-based products). These are then distributed amongst project beneficiaries. However an important part of this initiative is to change local attitudes towards trees moving away from viewing trees as a short-term income source through charcoal and firewood production towards nurturing and using trees as a long-term source of income that have wider local benefits (e.g. improving rainfall catchment and soil quality).

"Nine month ago I had nothing, now look at my trees and above all the knowledge you have given me"

Okelo John-Alikgweng, beneficiary of the Community Tree Planting Initiative

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