Community Engagement in Forestry

Project Partner: Temwa

Start Date: September 2011

Community Engagement in Forestry

The project aims to control deforestation in the local area and establish a strong foundation to provide education to local people in the protection and management of forests.

The project produces trees locally to re-stock denuded landscapes in Usisya district, Malawi. Community residents are trained in forest management skills, including inventory and forest assessment and sustainable silvicultural practices.

The project has established 5 primary nurseries at which trees are grown initially before they are transported to one of seven community nurseries already set up. These community nurseries have already distributed over 8300 trees to local groups and individuals.  Training comprises another core component of this project.


"People are busy receiving trees and planting them and the communities are extremely happy as we are providing a variety of species."

Fostina – TEMWA tree nursery manager

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