Community Assistance in Development (COMAID)

Community Assistance in Development (COMAID) exists to enable communities to achieve sustainable development, through research, capacity building, partnership, lobbying, and field interventions. Organised in 2007, and recognized by the Cameroon Government in January 2009, COMAID was founded by a team of experienced development practitioners, who came together on the concept of social exclusion as the root cause for poverty. COMAID envisions a future of hard working and responsible community members enjoying self-sufficiency and sustainable livelihoods in rural and urban communities of Cameroon.

Using a participatory approach to community engagement, COMAID aims to:

  • Promote income generation and employment, especially for the poor, disadvantaged, marginalized and other socially excluded populations.
  • Assist communities in securing access and control over land, with a focus on food security.
  • Protect natural resources and the unique ecology through conservation and biodiversity protection
  • Enhance sustainable decision making, through the integration of geo-spatial tools like GIS and GPS.
  • To strengthen capacities of community based organizations, municipal councils and government departments through training, partnership, networking and lobby/advocacy

Based in Cameroon with a focus on the Western Highlands, COMAID have implemented a number of projects including the restoration of the Bamenda Highlands Ecosystem through the  propagation of threatened species, and the Dom Community Food Forest project which aims to create a forest food  buffer where native species will be planted for the benefit of the community.

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