Center for
Knowledge and

Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) is a non-governmental organisation based in Ghana. Its main purpose is to develop methodologies to strengthen traditional authorities and civil society organisations to facilitate sustainable grassroots organisational development that gives voice to the poor and vulnerable rural families. CIKOD partners with a number of international organisations including the International Tree Foundation.

CIKOD’s vision is that of a society, where the rural poor, the marginalised and rural women have a voice and contribute pro-actively to equitable and sustainable community development.

Community participation has been accepted as a pre-condition for any meaningful community development programmes. To this end, various tools have been developed that aim at maximizing the participation of the poor in their development programmes. CIKOD believe that, in spite of these participatory approaches, poverty reduction is still problematic because of the failure to build community development interventions that respect and include local cultures and people’s worldviews.

The core of CIKOD’s work is to promote a community development approach that empowers and builds on the existing indigenous institutions and resource base of communities including their natural, social and spiritual resources – termed as Endogenous Development. In this approach communities use the skills and knowledge already present in the community as a means to lever appropriate external resources for their development initiatives

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