Forest Conservation in Rwanda

Like many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda has suffered from widespread deforestation. However, in recent years the Rwandan government has taken steps to reverse this trend and in the past few days, Stanislas Kamanzi (Minister of Natural Resources) announced an ambitious new plan to achieve 30 percent forest cover by 2020.

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Population: 7 billion

population-294x224This week, the human population reached a new milestone – 7 billion. The exact time of birth of the 7-billionth baby was unknown but births in general around the world on Monday 31st October 2011 were celebrated.

Amid the celebrations however, are an increasing number of voices concerned with the strain that humanity’s growing population is placing on the environment and resources around us. These fears are particularly relevant for poorer, developing countries where people do not always have reliable access to the basic elements needed for survival e.g. water, food, fuel and shelter.

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