Moringa: the ‘Miracle Tree’

It’s been called “the Miracle Tree,”  “the Tree of Life” and “Mother’s Milk.” It is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, it is becoming increasingly important part of plans to combat malnutrition in the global South – while in the West it is fast gaining popularity as the new “superfood.”

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Humans and Trees

How many trees are there for each person on the Planet?

A RECENT report by an international team of scientists contained the most detailed assessment yet of the number of trees on the planet.

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New threat to Britain’s Ash Trees

As if British ash trees did not have enough to contend with, they are now threatened by a wood-boring beetle from Asia which experts fear could be even more devastating than ash dieback. The emerald ash borer, which can kill trees in two to three years, is spreading fast through North America and Russia.  The…

Elm trees return to English countryside

The majestic elm tree, once a quintessential part of the British countryside, is beginning to make a comeback thanks to a new project supported by ITF. Elm trees were all but wiped out by Dutch elm disease in the 1960s and 1970s. Now ITF partner the Conservation Foundation is planting saplings in Sussex propagated from…

We need Respect and Humility to hear the voices of the Disenfranchised

Andy Egan’s World Forestry Congress Blog

On Sunday I attended the last part of the pre World Forestry Congress (WFC) event on community based forestry organised under the banner of the Forest Farm Facility.  One might have expected with this being the first ever WFC held on the African continent that the room would have been full of community-based organisations (CBOs) from across Africa.

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Nkhata Bay Natural Way Hits the Ground Running

When I last visited Nkhata Bay North, Malawi in September 2014, I was working with Temwa staff on community consultations. We were developing a project proposal to be submitted to the Big Lottery Fund. Now, 11 months later, it is exciting to return with the proposal having been approved, the grant awarded and the project up and running.

And yes, the Nkhata Bay Natural Way project really has hit the ground running.

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Take a Leaf out of my Book – Growing the Tree Guardians of Tomorrow

Regardless of where you’re growing up, in the UK, Kenya or Lebanon, trees are equally important to your daily life. But how often do kids have the chance to get out into the woods? In the UK today, only 10% of children spend time playing outside, compared to 40% for their parents’ generation. Studies show that green spaces and trees are important for childhood development, concentration levels, anxiety control and much more.

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Coppicing in the Cwnbran Uplands

Blaen Bran Community Woodland is set amidst the Cwnbran uplands in the Torfaen borough of Wales. Recently the woodland suffered a set back with a statutory order to fell its larch trees which had become affected with the Phytophtora ramorum disease sometimes known as “larch tree disease”. ITF are supporting a project to re-plant an acre of land with 600 new trees to create more diverse woodland with a mixture of hazel, beech and birch which will be coppice managed.

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