Plant trees like you mean business.

Forest destruction and habitat loss threaten our future. If we work together, we can create a world in which trees and forests flourish and their vital role in supporting planetary and human well-being is valued and realised.

ITF has been working to realise this vision since we were founded in 1922. And today we work across thirteen African countries and the UK. We’re working every day to:

  • plant trees and restore forests
  • strengthen community and ecosystem resilience
  • promote agroforestry practices, and
  • provide sustainable sources of fuel, food and medicine for households and markets.

If you would like to help us work to realise our shared vision, please get in touch to start a conversation. Our business partnerships are flexible, to suit your needs.

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“The work that ITF does is so much more than just planting trees, and their work has exceeded our expectations. One of the reasons we chose ITF is their honesty and transparency. We have found a partner who shares our values and our vision of the future. The value that our company wants to create would not be possible without ITF. We take great pride in calling the International Tree Foundation our partner.”

Dana Vartiainen, Tree Amigos CEO

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“As a company manufacturing all our bed frames from solid timber, we have an environmental responsibility to ensure we do not assist in further depleting our delicate world of trees given their importance. In fact, we are doing the reverse with more trees being planted than cut down with each product we make. Through our unique partnership with the International Tree Foundation, we’ve been able to plant not just trees, but forests in Africa. Since 2016 we have together planted a total of 30,000 trees in Kenya. The success and awareness of this was achieved by enhancing our website and the customer’s checkout experience. Alongside their purchase, we allow customers to plant a number of trees they choose.  As a result, an amazing 25% of our customers are choosing to plant trees.”

– Jonathan Haskins, Get Laid Beds

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