Plant trees like you mean business.

Have confidence in your impact.

Forest destruction and habitat loss threaten our future. Work with us to plant trees, conserve forests, and reverse biodiversity loss. ITF has been pioneering community led forest restoration since 1922. Today we work across eight African countries and the UK.

Become an ITF business partner today, and plant trees like you mean business:

  • Assure your customers, their loyalty plants trees
  • Show your staff they’re tackling climate change too
  • Reduce your carbon foot print
  • Invest in sustainable forest restoration

“an amazing 25% of our customers are choosing to plant trees.” Jonathan Haskins, Get Laid Beds (2020)

Our business partnerships are flexible, to suit your needs.

  • Plant trees and receive tailored feedback and marketing content
  • Commit to over £5,000 per year in a specific community restoration project, and receive exclusive reporting, video and marketing content
  • Invest over £15,000 per year in a dedicated forest restoration programme, and receive exclusive marketing and staff engagement content, exclusive partner video calls, and the option to arrange a trip

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Our partnerships are flexible to meet your needs. To learn more, please email or call the team on +44 (0) 01865 922430.

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“ITF’s strong community-led approach is something we really treasure.”



“As a company manufacturing all our bed frames from solid timber, we have an environmental responsibility to ensure we do not assist in further depleting our delicate world of trees given their importance. In fact, we are doing the reverse with more trees being planted than cut down with each product we make. Through our unique partnership with the International Tree Foundation, we’ve been able to plant not just trees, but forests in Africa. Since 2016 we have together planted a total of 30,000 trees in Kenya. The success and awareness of this was achieved by enhancing our website and the customer’s checkout experience. Alongside their purchase, we allow customers to plant a number of trees they choose.  As a result, an amazing 25% of our customers are choosing to plant trees.”

– Jonathan Haskins, Get Laid Beds

“From how the shops are run, how we select our suppliers, and even down to how we ship and deliver online orders. There are no compromises. This is why we are delighted to be a new partner of International Tree Foundation, our company ethos is perfectly aligned.”
– Four state
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“The three reasons Rundum Meir has joined in partnership with ITF today are a personal love of trees, assisting in a small way local communities to tackle climate change wherever they are in the world, and thirdly it makes social business sense to ensure the world can breathe in the future.”
– Rundum Meir
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