Bamboutos Montane Forest Project

Project Location: Bamboutos Montane, Cameroon

Project Partner: The Environment and Rural Development Foundation

Bamboutos Montane Forest Project, Cameroon

This project aims to regenerate the degraded Mt. Bamboutos Montane Forest area which has suffered deforestation as a result of over-use by local communities. The scheme involves a variety of stakeholders including local traditional leaders, administrative and educational authorities. Awareness is raised within these groups of the dangers of deforestation and workshops are held to give practical advice on how agroforestry can help alleviate this issue whilst offering more stable livelihoods.

The reforestation project then establishes seed nurseries where agroforestry tree ‘crops’ can be raised before being planted out and cared for within the local community.

"Three communities have been provided with training and nurseries of 5000 seeds have been established in each community"

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