Glimpse into the ‘forgotten forests’ of South Sudan

Remote sensing cameras (‘camera traps’) have given scientists an unprecedented insight into the wildlife of South Sudan—a battle-scarred nation still grappling with civil conflict following its declaration of independence four years ago. Over six months, the camera traps captured more than 20,000 wildlife images, including the first pictures of forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) ever taken…

We cannot save Forests without Agroforestry

ITF Vice Chair Prof Roger Leakey’s Blog

Roger-294x224In his speech to COP in Paris, Prince Charles said “We must save our forests” and that “There is no Plan B to tackle climate change without them.” While I agree our forests are vital, there is a Plan B that would save them – and mitigate climate change. It would also greatly reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

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Mayor to plant 40,000 Trees in London

THE ‘For the Love of Trees’ initiative, launched this week will see 20,000 trees planted on school land around the capital, while a further 20,000 will be used to create an “edible urban woodland” in Ealing. London, which is famous for its parks, already has eight million trees and there are plans to turn it…

Moringa: the ‘Miracle Tree’

It’s been called “the Miracle Tree,”  “the Tree of Life” and “Mother’s Milk.” It is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, it is becoming increasingly important part of plans to combat malnutrition in the global South – while in the West it is fast gaining popularity as the new “superfood.”

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