Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative (AWEI)

The vision of the Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative (AWEI) is to inspire and motivate women by assisting them to improve their education, health and economic status. Working in the region  around the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori in the Kasese District of Uganda. AWEI was established in April 2009. It is managed by an Executive Board of nine members elected from the general women assembly in addition to 5 volunteering staff.

To contribute to AWEI’s mission to protect the environment and to target women’s education, health, economic prosperity, domestic peace, and women rights awareness, their work has covered:

  • Encouraging tree planting and maintenance
  • Training the local community on good agriculture practices for food and income
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and linking PHAs to health facilities and good nutrition
  • Training families on Domestic violence prevention
  • Good reproductive health services awareness
  • Children health improvement
  • Introducing rural women to small business strategies
  • Engaging women in vocational training and practice
  • Involving women in malaria prevention campaign

Currently, the AWEI are involved in a project to plant mango trees to provide a sustainable food supply to local people which involves training in nursery management, tree planting and tree maintenance.

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