African Community Forestry Network

The African Community Forestry Network (ACFN) was launched on 21st March 2015, the International Day of Forests. For the first time, a grassroots network is being created which brings together community-led organisations working in agroforestry and forestry across Africa.

Millions of people in Africa rely on trees and forests for their shelter, jobs, food and security. This network will ensure that their viewpoint is heard in the debate about the future of African agriculture, forestry, environment and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Over 70 organisations from 14 different countries have been invited to join and it is expected that the network will continue to grow over the coming year. The ACFN is initially being coordinated by International Tree Foundation (ITF) which has been working with community organisations in Africa for 90 years, originally being founded in Kenya in the early 1920’s.

The aims of the network are to enable African CBOs and NGOs engaged in community forestry and agroforestry to:

  • learn and share best practice: (i) within each country; (ii) within the East and West Africa regions; (iii) and at a pan- African level.
  • unite and support local CBOs and NGOs to advocate for local community rights to manage natural resources in a sustainable way;
  • increase awareness of, and support for, the role of community-led forestry and agroforestry in increasing food security, resilience to climate shocks, improving livelihoods and protecting the environment.

The network has initially been launched as a private group on Facebook for our partner CBOs and NGOs in Africa. For more details contact Paul Laird

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