Save Uganda’s Kafuga Forest!

PROBICOU smallOne of the world’s great ecological treasures, Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, is under threat from plans to clear fell the adjoining Kafuga Forest.

A campaign to #SaveKafugaForest has just been launched by our partners Pro Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU)

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Why action is needed now

During 2015 PROBICOU, working with local communities and with support from ITF, set up tree nurseries and raised the first of 30,000 tree seedlings. They had been planning to plant them out to enhance and restore the 250-hectare Kafuga Pocket Forest Reserve, on the southern fringes of the National Park.

Now these plans have had to be suspended … and if action is not taken soon the forest could be cleared in the next few months!  Tea growers, backed by some district government representatives, want to clear the entire Kafuga Forest for new plantations.

2000 Bwindi

BWINDI FOREST: World Heritage Site

The forest is a vital buffer zone for the National Park’s critically-endangered mountain gorillas – supporting 400 gorillas out of a total world population of 880 – and hundreds of other species of rare mammals and birds. It is also an important source of food, medicine and clean water for local villagers.

How you can help

It is not too late to stop these plans and we urgently need YOUR help

You can help to stop this environmental vandalism by supporting PROBICOU’s efforts to persuade the authorities that we must conserve this valuable remnant of ancient forest.

How you can help:

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UNDER THREAT Kafuga Forest

UNDER THREAT: Kafuga Pocket Forest

“We are prepared for people to start cutting down the forest at any time. Some of the tea nursery owners have already started buying axes and pangas” – PROBICOU programme director Robert Tumwesigye Baganda

10043035073_2f15d5301b_z crowned hornbill


ENDANGERED: Mountan Gorilla