Tune into Radio 4 from June 10th to hear Benjamin Zephaniah present our Radio 4 Appeal! 

From June 10th and throughout the week, Benjamin Zephaniah, renowned poet, writer and performer, will present the Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of International Tree Foundation.

Benjamin will be supporting our 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests campaign, aiming to reforest Kenya’s most important watershed forests. Benjamin Zephaniah is a long-standing advocate for environment, human and animal rights.BZ outside 18

The Appeal tells the story of Anastacia, a smallholder farmer from Mount Kenya who has become a passionate tree planter.

Anastacia is one of hundreds of farmers who have received support through ITF’s 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests campaign to plant trees in the forest and on their farms.

“I’m a poet who loves trees”, says Benjamin. Listen below to hear why, and don’t forget to tune into hear his appeal on the radio, or listen to it on the BBC website.


Sunday, 10 June, at 07:54 am and 9:26 pm

Thursday, 14 June, at 3:27pm


From Sunday 10 June on the BBC website


Find out about 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests here.

You can donate to our Radio 4 Appeal on the BBC website or via the link below

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