Do you have an idea to raise money for ITF with your friends, family, classmates or neighbours?

Money donated from community groups and events makes a huge difference to what we can do. Depending on your choice, it can contribute to our organisation’s goals or give us the extra capability to support a brand new project. Read about some of the inspiring people below and contact or call 01865 318836 if you want to get involved!




Students (above, far left) from Kings’ College School in Bronx, New York raised over £1,300  for the Centenary Campaign in 2016 through fundraising activities such as making posters and newsletters and selling ice lollies and lemonade. This will be enough to plant around 5,000 trees in Kenya!

Thanks to Ina and David Stewart, we have been able to fund an entire year-long tree planting project in Zambia! The couple chose for donations collected at their wedding (above, centre) to be given to our Sustainable Community Forestry Fund. The money allowed us to fund the Revival project. “We wanted to do something positive with the goodwill of our friends and family,” said Ina. “We love the idea that our wedding will have a longer-term positive impact.”

Community members in Abingdon are supporting a new project to take place in Bamenda, Cameroon. The parish council of Our Lady and St Edmund Church undertook fundraising within the community, while participants in a dance-athon held at Our Lady of Abingdon school (above, far right) raised over £800 towards the cause! In total the community was able to give ITF over £4,500 – above and beyond what was needed to implement the project.

We greatly appreciate everyone who gives their time to fundraise for ITF and we love to hear about new creative ideas! Contact us for more information on how you can support ITF through your community.

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