WIDE: Fruit Trees and Ogbono Soup

Nigeria has been making the news recently so it feels good to be reporting a positive story from the country – ITF’s Community Fruit Tree Planting Initiative in Awgu. Over the past 12 months, this project, in partnership with Women in Development and Environment (WIDE) has delivered a range of activities with local women and young people.

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Regreening Sokura: a lasting legacy

ITF provided funding for the Regreening Sokura project in Mali for three years from 2010 to 2013. The project was delivered by our partner, Sahel Eco. To ensure that the achievements of the project were recorded and lessons learnt that could be of benefit to future regreening projects across Africa we commissioned an independent evaluation which was conducted by Groundswell International (www.groundswellinternational.org).


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Elms Plant in Sussex Stronghold

The Ulmus commonly known as the elm, takes centre stage in ITF’s Community Tree Planting scheme through a project run by the Conservation Foundation. Over the next twelve months 120 English, Field, Wych and Huntingdon elms will be planted in three Sussex villages in the Cuckmere valley.

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