Work on Saving Kafuga Forest Begins

It has been three months since Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU) started work to secure the future of Kafuga Pocket Forest in Uganda, following our Save Kafuga Forest campaign. PROBICOU have an established presence in the villages that depend on Kafuga Forest as they have been working to protect and manage the forest for years. They have started mobilising government officials…

Tree Nursery Start-ups Flourish in Eastern Uganda

In Eastern Uganda, in Budaka District The Village Enterprise Foundation Organisation (VEFO) launched a new project over the summer funded by ITF’s Sustainable Community Forestry programme. ‘Building Entrepreneurial Skills in Tree Nursery Management’ will support six tree nurseries to become small business entities over a year, aiming to raise 170,000 seedlings for the local community’s needs.…

Severe Drought in Malawi: The Nkhata Bay Natural Way provides long-term solution

Malawi has declared a state of disaster over worsening food shortages as concerns grow over a hunger crisis spreading across much of southern Africa.

The promising progress made during the first nine months of the Nkhata Bay Natural Way (NBNW) initiative in Malawi has been thrown into jeopardy by the severe drought caused by the failure of the rains in December.

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ITF announces new Africa Drylands Programme projects

We are delighted to announce that we have selected four projects in three countries – Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal – to receive grants under the latest round of ITF’s Africa Drylands Programme (ADP).

ADP provides funding to support small organisations that may have little experience in securing funding, for projects to support natural resource management and improve nutrition, food security and local livelihoods, in some of the poorest and most vulnerable countries in the world – the arid and semi-arid lands around the Sahara Desert.

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Nkhata Bay Project launched in Style

The Nkhata Bay Natural Way Project (NBNW) – one of the largest and most significant initiatives ever supported by ITF – was successfully launched at the weekend.

The official launch in Usisya, Malawi, was attended by 200 people including traditional leaders, representatives of faith and human rights groups, project staff and volunteers and the guest of honour, Senior Chief Mbwana.

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Demand for mangos soars on the slopes of Rwenzori Mountain, Uganda

Alpha Women’s Empowerment Initiative are planting grafted mangos to provide sustainable food supplies and income generation, on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda.

The project team have set up a central tree nursery to grow the seedlings until they are hardy enough to be planted out. It also serves as a practical training base, and 20 participants from the community have learnt to grow and care for seedlings. They in turn will create smaller nurseries in their communities,

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Progress update from Soil and Oil project, Ghana

News just in from our partner in Ghana, Sungmaale Integrated Herbalists Association (SIHA), funded through ITF Sustainable Community Forestry grant programme and Worktop Express.

The project aims at training and mobilizing farmers to raise seedlings, training and supporting women to make soap and cosmetics from forest products, establishing by-laws for fire prevention and management and regeneration of degraded land through tree planting. Over the coming six months, 15000 trees will be planted

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