African communities excluded from “elitist” World Forestry Congress

sahel_eco_photo-300x225-300x225Organisers of the world’s biggest conference on forestry have been criticised for failing to include community groups from African countries – seen as key to halting and reversing deforestation.

Over 2,000 delegates converge in Durban, South Africa, this week for the fourteenth World Forestry Congress, the first to be held on the African continent.

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Demand for mangos soars on the slopes of Rwenzori Mountain, Uganda

Alpha Women’s Empowerment Initiative are planting grafted mangos to provide sustainable food supplies and income generation, on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda.

The project team have set up a central tree nursery to grow the seedlings until they are hardy enough to be planted out. It also serves as a practical training base, and 20 participants from the community have learnt to grow and care for seedlings. They in turn will create smaller nurseries in their communities,

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Progress update from Soil and Oil project, Ghana

News just in from our partner in Ghana, Sungmaale Integrated Herbalists Association (SIHA), funded through ITF Sustainable Community Forestry grant programme and Worktop Express.

The project aims at training and mobilizing farmers to raise seedlings, training and supporting women to make soap and cosmetics from forest products, establishing by-laws for fire prevention and management and regeneration of degraded land through tree planting. Over the coming six months, 15000 trees will be planted

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Nkhata Bay Natural Way Day One

Today marks the kick-off of the four year Nkhata Bay Natural Way project in Malawi. The full team on the ground are starting their first day of work on the delivery of this ambitious project, which will benefit marginalised communities in 110 villages in one of the poorest regions of the country.

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Our Impact in 2014

I joined the International Tree Foundation at the beginning of the month, just as the 2014 Impact Report arrived fresh from the printers. A stack of boxes behind my desk make them easily at hand, and during a tea break, I often pick up a copy and have a flick through. ITF has so many different programmes and partners both in the UK and Africa, that it can be hard to comprehend the scope of their work. The Impact Report is a great help to me, presenting last years achievements in a concise format.

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