Return of the Rainforest

ITF are pleased to announce the funding of three projects in Kenya as part of our Sustainable Community Forestry (SCF) programme. 170,000 trees will be planted in projects led by three community youth organisations.  In this article we feature the work of Community Energy Efficiency Initiative Youth Group.

To protect the only tropical rainforest in Kenya, the Kakamega Forest, a move is being made towards the greater use of green energy.

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Tree Profile: European Tree of the Year Finalist

With the European Tree of the Year voting now underway, we have decided to turn our attention to Slovakia’s entry into this year’s competition… the white mulberry.

White-Mulberry-Senica-700x300The Morus alba or white mulberry entered in the competition is known by the locals as “the lighthouse of history”, watching over the growing city of Senica. It has been dated to around 200 years old.

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Green Wood on Greenslate Community Farm

Greenslate Farm is a recently established community farm based in Billinge to the west of Wigan. The farm has about 30 acres of land of which half is for arable, buildings and allotments and the rest is a mixture of meadow and woodland. The woodland is the result of self-seeding and consists almost totally of goat willow which is so dense in places that there is little biodiversity or habitat for wildlife.

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