UK forests a ‘national asset’

The announcement follows a report published by the Independent Panel on Forestry that called UK forests and woodland a “national asset” and urged UK government to protect and value it as such. The report listed many benefits of forests and trees, including “carbon storage, flood protection, biodiversity and habitat provision, and wider ecosystem services.” It…

Ash dieback – more ways to help

Last week we posted an article giving a few ways that you can help to report instances of Ash dieback. This tree disease is now receiving quite a bit of media attention and for good reason. Ash dieback could devastate the 80 million ash trees across Britain – that’s about a quarter of all trees growing here. But people power can help to stop it.

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Rio Earth Summit +20

The  Earth Summit  is currently underway in Brazil (20th – 22nd, June 2012).  The conference is also referred to as Rio +20 to mark the 20 year anniversary of the original Earth Summit held in the city in 1992. 

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UN World Day to Combat Desertification

Today marks the World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD).  The 2012 Global Observance event will be held at the Rio Conventions Pavilion, Brazil, and is entitled ‘Securing Healthy Soils and Stopping Land Degradation: Outcomes for Rio+20’. The event aims to raise awareness of the issue of land degradation and the implications it is having on the future of our planet.

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Insuring forests

Around the world, deforestation and forest degradation accounts for about 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. It also threatens biodiversity and exacerbates a cycle of poverty for those who depend on forest resources for their livelihoods.

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