The Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative wins Whitley Fund for Nature Award

Our partner the Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI), has recently achieved international recognition for its work in conserving the coastal forests of Tanzania. Co-founder and CEO, Makala Jasper, was singled out from more than 130 other applicants to receive an international conservation award from the Whitley Fund for Nature.

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First trees planted at Kenya launch of 20 Million Trees Campaign

The Kenya launch of the 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests Campaign was marked by spirit of celebration last week, with singing, dancing, poetry recitals – and the symbolic planting of the first 100 trees.

More than 450 people attended the launch on 14 April, including representatives of national and regional government, Kenya Forest Service, members of local community groups and children from nearby village schools.

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We cannot save Forests without Agroforestry

ITF Vice Chair Prof Roger Leakey’s Blog

Roger-294x224In his speech to COP in Paris, Prince Charles said “We must save our forests” and that “There is no Plan B to tackle climate change without them.” While I agree our forests are vital, there is a Plan B that would save them – and mitigate climate change. It would also greatly reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

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Moringa: the ‘Miracle Tree’

It’s been called “the Miracle Tree,”  “the Tree of Life” and “Mother’s Milk.” It is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, it is becoming increasingly important part of plans to combat malnutrition in the global South – while in the West it is fast gaining popularity as the new “superfood.”

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Humans and Trees

How many trees are there for each person on the Planet?

A RECENT report by an international team of scientists contained the most detailed assessment yet of the number of trees on the planet.

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New threat to Britain’s Ash Trees

As if British ash trees did not have enough to contend with, they are now threatened by a wood-boring beetle from Asia which experts fear could be even more devastating than ash dieback. The emerald ash borer, which can kill trees in two to three years, is spreading fast through North America and Russia.  The…