A.P.C.P/ K.G.

Association pour la Préservation du Capital Productif (APCP) KÔRÔ GNE

L’Association pour le Préservation du Capital Productif Koro Gnè (APCP/KG) was created in 2011 and was legally recognized under the number 2011-003/MATDS/RCOS/PSNG/HC/CAB on the 27th of June 2011.

The association has 431 members from 5 of the 10 communes in the Sanguié province.

The main results achieved over the last few years are :

  • 3 awareness raising sessions on the preservation of the environment with 3 groups comprised of 75 participants including 35 women;
  • More than 130,782 plants of several species were planted in twelve villages in the province with an average survival rate of 70% over an area of 210ha;
  • Continuous training for 27 nursery workers;
  • Establishment of 2 tree nurseries in each village, for the cultivation of various fuel woods;
  • 10 awareness raising sessions in 10 schools to the benefit of the students, with the planting of 5,460 trees in school courtyards.
  • Support for the digging of 12 wells;
  • Training of 6 members on soil restoration and defense and ground water conservation, followed by the construction of approximately 2km of stone lines planted with vetiver;

Construction of earth bunds in the villages of Ekoulkoala, Sandié, Kilsio and Perkouan.

The association just has a programme of activities around the following points

The main objectives are :

  • Raise awareness, train and inform farmers on soil enrichment/improvement
  • Raise awareness among the population on soil and environmental conservation
  • Encourage reforestation and all actions which increase ground water levels
  • Perpetuate eco – citizenship actions.
  • Forge partnership links at both national and international levels.
  • Combat the expansion of the desert
  • Contribute to nutritional self-sufficiency.


The local communities of the Sanguié province, continue to live, farm and find fulfillment in equilibrium with their environment. For the communities, this entails greater responsibility for and active participation in the sustainable management of the environment.


To support the population in preserving the environment through technical and organizational capacity building, with the aim of increasing the Sanguié province communities’ autonomy and capacity for action.

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